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The Mastering Show #85 - Mixerman versus Mastering

July 6th, 2022 BY Jon Tidey1 Comment

You’ve probably heard of Eric Sarafin, aka Mixerman, but have you heard what he has to say about mastering ?

As always it’s entertaining, potentially controversial but also thought-provoking, so it seemed like a good idea to get him on the show and ask him to explain himself ! We talk about:

  • Why he thinks if you don’t make money from your music, you shouldn’t pay for mastering
  • Whether an online mastering service is actually a better option for a musician starting out (gasp)
  • Eric's favourite limiter, how he uses it and why
  • How loud he makes his mixes
  • Recent potentially game-changing developments...
  • And why they might make mastering engineers obsolete !


Mixerman's website

Fabfilter Pro-L2

Dutch & Dutch 8C

Zen and the Art Of Mixing - Audiobook

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