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The Mastering Show #83 - Mastering for clubs & DJs with Luca Pretolesi

May 9th, 2022 BY Jon TideyNo Comments

In this episode we tackle one of the biggest challenges in modern mastering - the demand for super-loud masters in the dance & EDM genres. 
Our guest is Luca Pretolesi, and we talk to him in-depth about his approach to mastering for clubs & DJs. Luca’s masters are loud and we're always emphasising the value of balanced dynamics in mastering on this show, so you might think it would be an uncomfortable conversation... or you might be surprised.
Some of the topics we cover include:

  • Why do DJs demand loud masters for club playback ?
  • Luca’s strategy to deliver this without sacrificing dynamics for streaming
  • Hint - it’s NOT all about limiting and compression
  • How loud Luca's masters are (which may not be quite as loud as you think)
  • The club genres that DON’T demand extreme loudness
  • Where things might go in future


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